Fifteen William is a proposed 50-story, 400,000 s.f. condominium tower on an irregular site in Lower Manhattan. Situated a short distance from the East River and Wall Street, the tower is set among older stone and masonry structures that define the heart of the financial district. Allied Works’ design addressed issues including overall massing, material palette, detailing, and possible unit mixes and configurations, including townhouses, 1-3 bedroom apartments and penthouse units.

The design takes advantage of view corridors along the streets that define its corner site through corresponding shears and staggers in the building massing. The envelope modulates the rhythm, relief and differing transparencies and reflectivity of its glass skin to interact with the form, light and atmosphere of the city. These subtle disruptions in the facade ensure the building captures and diffuses light at all times of day. Within, a full complement of owner amenities including meeting rooms, valet and concierge services, fitness center and spa create a balance between space for the community and the privacy, individuality and freedom of the residential experience.