In 2003, Bullseye Glass Company, one of the largest art glass manufacturers in North America, sponsored a design workshop and exhibition featuring noted architects from across the Pacific Northwest. The project—a series of glass screens centered on the concept of “between-ness” —was designed to showcase the versatility of their products and their potential applications in the realm of architecture and interiors.

Allied Works design focuses on the varied interactions of light and air within glass. We used their untinted, “water-white” glass, ground and sorted into different diameters of “frit”, to create long, frameless glass panels that shift in translucency and opacity along their length. The smaller the frit, the more air is trapped during the kiln-forming process, creating greater interference and reflection. A percentage of the panels were also re-fired and slumped over a radiused steel bed; collectively, the panels are mounted in a multi-channel steel track and may be freely composed by hand to create a range of effects and degrees of enclosure.