In 2016, Will Guidara and Daniel Humm commissioned Allied Works to complete a top-to-bottom renovation of their Michelin Three-Star restaurant, Eleven Madison Park. Our challenge was to reinforce the beauty of the historic lobby of the art-deco Met Life building, and to create a new setting, through furnishings and tableware, specifically for Chef Humm’s cuisine. In reconsidering the room itself, our focus was to amplify the grace, hospitality and service that Will and his staff extend to their clientele.

The project draws inspiration from neighboring Madison Square Park through the quality and color of light, the textures and patterns of foliage, the shifts of form, line and shadow through the seasons. The space builds anticipation, and exudes a sense of invitation and welcome for one to come together with friends and associates. It is a space that expands time in its calm, color and craftsmanship, and offers time to sit and enjoy one of the world’s most extraordinary culinary experiences. It is a room for both the art and theater of dining.