Allied Works partnered with Steve Jobs and key leadership to re-conceive and expand Pixar’s campus and workspaces following their historic merger with Disney in 2007. The project was an opportunity to explore and integrate the legacy, ethos and culture of both companies, and provide new accommodation for their work.

Allied Works first developed a programming study and master plan for their Emeryville campus. This led to the design and completion of a four-story building that accommodates up to 900 artists and support staff. Nicknamed “Brooklyn” by Pixar employees, the building is organized as a small city, unified by a network of interior streets and common gathering spaces. The building fosters a sense of community, connection and creative collaboration at all scales, from informal lounges and small breakout spaces to building-wide amenities such as a theater, café, roof garden and central hearth. The design affords maximum freedom to individuals and creative teams to tailor workspace to their needs, while ensuring that everyone has opportunities to engage with one another.